Our core team of Commercial Producers

Geoff Manton:
Kristoff Duxbury:
Geoff Manton:

We want to make an impression.

Boldly is a group of local film producers, writers, directors, cinematographers, graphic designers, animators, sound designers, lovable goofballs, passionate creators and we want to #FilmBoldly.

Geoff MantonGeoff Manton

Geoff Manton

Producer / Creative Director

Shelby MantonShelby Manton

Shelby Manton

Executive Producer

Sebastien GalinaSebastien Galina

Sebastien Galina

Producer / Head of Post-Production

Kristoff DuxburyKristoff Duxbury

Kristoff Duxbury

Producer / Head of Production

Geoff Manton:
Geoff Manton:
Geoff Manton:
Shelby Manton:
Sebastien Galina:

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