Our core team

We want to make an impression.

Boldly is a group of local film producers, writers, directors, cinematographers, graphic designers, animators, sound designers, lovable goofballs, passionate creators and we want to #FilmBoldly.

Geoff Manton Geoff Manton

Geoff Manton

Creative Director

Shelby Manton Shelby Manton

Shelby Manton

Executive Producer

Sebastien Galina Sebastien Galina

Sebastien Galina

Head of Technology

Kristoff Duxbury Kristoff Duxbury

Kristoff Duxbury

Head of Production

Here are five strengths that set us apart:

Boldly circle icons

We’re agile


We’ll operate within your scope


We’re local


We care deeply about every project we touch


And, we’re fun!

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