First West Credit Union

Film , Commercial , Animation

Following the success of our work on the spots, Noise Digital once again tapped Boldly to produce this video for First West Credit Union. Together, our production teams brought the creative and film expertise to shoot three spots in one day, maximizing time and cost-efficiency for this great online content.

Delivering full production and post, in-house, on time, and on budget. Now that's Bold.

Bedtime Stories

Running To Glory

Director Geoff Manton and DP Jon Thomas

Director Geoff Manton and DP Jon Thomas discussing the flow of the crane movement.

Envision Financial "Running To Glory" Spot

Final Product screenshot from Envision Finaicial brand for First West Insurance.

Jon Thomas setting up lights

Adjusting the tracks and lighting setup for the "Running to Glory" spot.

Makeup artist getting touchups done on our lead actor

Makeup artist getting touchups done on our lead actor.

Noise Digital team and Boldly Director Geoff Manton

A sneak peak at our Noise/Boldly team checking out the dailies!

Boldly Director Geoff Manton

Our director Geoff working closely with our wonderful actors to pull out their beautiful performances.

Sailboat prop

Thoughtful production design is the key to success for any project. Thank you to our lovely duo Sophie and Liz for always making our films look beautiful!

First West Insurance BTS

Our little star playing with his favourite new toy.

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Noise Digital


Geoff Manton


Shelby Manton

Editor, VFX, Animator

Sebastien Galina


Jon Thomas


Alicia Eisen

Production Designer

Sophie Jarvis

Production Designer

Liz Cairns

1st AC

Jeremy Cox

Crane Op

Cedric Yu


Jordan Findlay


Trevor Grady