Old Man (Film) Completed

By , Published on Sept. 1, 2016

BOLDLY is pleased to announce that "Old Man" (Short Film) by Alicia Eisen has been completed! Director Alicia Eisen wrote and directed this gorgeous Stop-Motion piece in partnership with BOLDLY.

The film will screen at VIFF 2016, Festival Stop Motion de Montreal 2017, Animation Block Party Brooklyn NY 2017, among others.

From concept to finishing, Eisen spent months crafting and creating each model for "Old Man" in various scales, as well as storyboarding the entire film and completing animatics of every sequence.

Watch the very cool Behind The Scenes video (by Alicia Eisen) linked above.

Sebastien Galina

Sebastien Galina

As a Partner and Executive Producer, Sebastien helps develop business and production processes, leads art direction, copywriting, and content. As a Post-Production Supervisor, Seb makes sure BOLDLY's tools, techniques, and post workflows stay efficient, powerful, creative and robust in the face of a changing commercial industry landscape.

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