BOLDLY April Fools 2017

By , Published on April 1, 2017

At BOLDLY, we're always trying to find new ways to drum up business, and today is no exception. Check out our new Bartering System for commercial work.

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Written by Sebastien Galina

Produced by:
Kristoff Duxbury
Geoff Manton
Shelby Manton

With special guests:
Ava Manton
Sean Jackson

Huge thanks to Sean Jackson and Pacific Backlot Services

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Sebastien Galina

Sebastien Galina

As a Partner and Executive Producer, Sebastien helps develop business and production processes, leads art direction, copywriting, and content. As a Post-Production Supervisor, Seb makes sure BOLDLY's tools, techniques, and post workflows stay efficient, powerful, creative and robust in the face of a changing commercial industry landscape.

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