Emma Higgins


Emma Higgins (Reel)

Virgin Mobile

Rae - 'Manifesto'

Begonia - 'The Light'

Marianas Trench - 'Rhythm of Your Heart'

Mother Mother - 'The Drugs'

Emma Higgins

Emma Higgins is a commercial and music video director from Canada. She sees each project as an opportunity to connect with viewers, using the camera fearlessly in her endeavour to tell a kaleidoscopic story arc, and never shying away from a challenge. She has an obsession with colour, wardrobe, art direction, and hair & make up are always a focus of her pieces; giving her work a visual language rooted in hyperrealism and the ethereal. Above all else she is dedicated to the humanity in the stories she approaches. She is a misfit, an outcast, and she has a punk rock heart.

Outside of directing, the double Juno-nominated director enjoys a morbid fascination with true crime mysteries, halloween, spooky things, middle eastern food, cats, hiking, running fast, and the 1991 masterpiece “Point Break”.

She currently splits her time between Los Angeles, Toronto and Vancouver; with plans to complete her highly anticipated debut feature, 'The Northwoods' in 2020.

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