RJ Sauer

Writer / Director

MINI - 'Here's to Life's Adventures'

Tourism Tofino - 'Integrity'

Odd Society - 'Nothing Odd Here'

Vega - 'Fueled'

RJ Sauer

RJ is a storyteller in search of life's littlest moments. He focusses on the emotive and visceral aspects of his characters, their personalities, and backstory: big or small. He approaches every project with the goal of visualizing the world it lives within and deconstructs the rules at play in the sport that is life. This approach creates a raw authenticity that crosses genres.

RJ lives and breathes adventure & sports. After ditching the mountain bike for the road bike, he's found himself appreciating the nuanced realism that comes from being an athlete and adventurer, and a father.

RJ is a multi-faceted professional with a diverse range of experience in commercial and narrative spaces. His work and play has lured him to the remote edges of the globe, allowing him to excel in physically and mentally challenging environments, always pushing himself to explore new frontiers, whether on the other side of the world or in his own personal life.

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