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Taylor Roades

Taylor Roades has been a working photographer since the age of twenty. Her environmental portraiture and doc approach for lifestyle work is unique. She meticulously crafts a frame, and then lets her subjects live freely within those detailed worlds. The results create a balance of control over everything within frame, while encouraging truly the truly authentic human expressions of her models to bring the image to life. Taylor’s love of travel, her curiosity in the realms of tech and science, and her compassion for issues surrounding sustainability have led to a variety of reportage-style assignments across the globe. She has worked for a number of advertising clients including, Hasselblad for the launch of their new X1DMII Medium Format Camera in South Africa, CVS Pharmacy, Google Pixel, Air Canada, and Destination Canada.

Her work has been featured in countless publications, including Maclean’s, The Globe and Mail,The Guardian, and The Narwhal. Her first photo book with publisher Rocky Mountain Books A Ribbon of Highway, is due out in April 2023. Originally from Toronto, Taylor is now in Vancouver British Columbia she works as a local in both places.