Clean Your Room



Tags: Live Action , Stop Motion , Short Film , Original

Project description:

A stubborn girl refuses to clean her room. Little does she know that the shadows cast by her clutter are food for the dreaded Shadow Monster who lives in her closet!

Directors Sophie Jarvis and Alicia Eisen teamed up to blend live action and stop motion into a unique and whimsical short film titled "Clean Your Room". With the help of producers Sara Blake and Geoff Manton of BOLDLY, the shoot was planned and executed in the heart of Vancouver's Eastside, in a built-out studio-warehouse. Subsequent stop motion elements were shot in situ.

Official Selection

2017 Boston International Kids Film Festival


Sophie Jarvis

Director of Photography

Jeremy Cox


Alicia Eisen


Sara Blake

Production Designer

Kara Hornland


Geoff Manton

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