Chrris Lowe

Director / Photographer

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In Tandem (Short Documentary)

Florida - Sunshine State

Spotify - 'Tiera'

Portrait of Illumination - 'Caroline'

NUVO Magazine - 'TOBi'

Keosha Love - 'Are You Down'

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Chrris Lowe

Chrris Lowe has a focus on telling stories that are visually driven and injected with both deep authenticity and lively expression. Her work focuses on the varied experiences of BIPOC folks, an intentional choice that she has made as a Black, queer, woman director. Chrris’ stories explore humanity with a distinct style and perspective, adaptable to commercials, music videos, and branded content. She creates striking worlds and immersive narratives that capture the raw and honest facets of the human experience. Chrris' work leaves a lasting impact, empowering viewers to delve deeper, ask questions, and explore their own curiosity, establishing her as a compelling force in the world of storytelling.

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