BOLDLY is a commercial production services company based in Canada. We pride ourselves on our ability to operate A-Level productions with a varied body of work that has given us the tools to quickly mobilize crew, art, gear and talent without compromising on quality. We fill every role with versatile, talented professionals who always hunger for more.

Geoff Manton:
Geoff Manton:

Our core team

We started in 2013 with a camera and a dream; now, with a team of 4 full-time Producers, 14 Directors and 50+ talented crew-members, we take on both small and large projects for internationally recognized brands like Ferrero, Campbells, and Game of War.

Shelby Manton Shelby Manton

Shelby Manton

Executive Producer

Sebastien Galina Sebastien Galina

Sebastien Galina

Producer / Head of Post-Production

Geoff Manton Geoff Manton

Geoff Manton

Producer / Creative Director

Kristoff Duxbury Kristoff Duxbury

Kristoff Duxbury

Producer / Head of Production

Shelby Manton:
Geoff Manton:
Kristoff Duxbury:
Sebastien Galina:
Shelby Manton:
Geoff Manton:

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