Eliza Brownlie

Writer / Director

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Canadian Cancer Society - 'The Call'

Save Face

Dove - Imperfections

UNIFOR - 'His Own Words'

Angie Bauer - Autre Part

Big Gigantic - Burning Love

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Eliza Brownlie

Eliza Brownlie’s filmmaking approach thoughtfully balances style with substance, fusing distinctly dreamy and atmospheric visuals with emotive and nuanced performances. Driven by empathy and a passion for creating impactful work, her films often explore the effects of societal issues and cultural phenomena on the contemporary female experience. Eliza has prowess for finding ways to breathe beauty and creativity into every project she takes on, whether she's directing a commercial for Dove, a political campaign for Unifor, or a music video for Ruby Haunt. Her work has screened internationally at festivals and featured by platforms such as Vevo, Nylon Magazine, VICE, and Refinery29.