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Wilmax - 'Colour Boom'

Best Buy - 'Gift Guide'

Wilmax - 'Monolith'

Best Buy - 'Smartphones'

Purdy's - 'Bunny's Choice'

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JAMM is Jenna Maslovska and Artur Makinian teaming up to bring their talents to the table. For almost a decade, they’ve been crafting stunning visuals, specializing in food and product commercials. Their secret sauce? The fusion of Artur’s dynamic shooting style and Jenna’s passion for showcasing food and people from diverse perspectives. Setting their projects in vividly designed worlds, their intentional use of motivated movement takes viewers on a journey, creating a distinctive visual and emotional experience. Believing that amazing-looking food and product can make the world a better place, JAMM aspires to create eye-catching films that encourage respect for ingredients, materials, and the environment.