Jordan Findlay

Director / Photographer

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33 Acres Brewing Co. - 'Sunshine'

Arc'teryx - 'No Wasted Days'

Tarka - 'Love The Rain'


HSABC - 'If We Don't Help Them'

DU/ER Denim - 'DU/ER FW20 Campaign'

Arc'teryx - 'System A'

Jordan Findlay (Reel)

Jordan Findlay headshot

Jordan Findlay

Jordan’s work explores the connective fabric which intertwines humans with one another as well as the universe around us. He combines visually striking imagery with moments of energized emotion to create a sincere relationship with his audience. Jordan’s work has garnered him recognition from a variety of organizations including the Webby Awards, 1.4 Awards, Berlin Commercial Awards, Vimeo Staff Picks, and Director’s Library. Jordan was selected as a Young Guns 21 finalist.