Robjn Taylor


Okanagan Spring Brewery - 'Get Ready for OK Times'

Nintendo - 'Dinner'

Squarespace - 'Cafe Conductor'

Coleman - 'The Cooler Tower'

Stance - 'Uncommon Easter'

Helijet - 'Safety'

Robjn Taylor

Robjn (pronounced: Robin) is here to celebrate the unordinary. From all things peculiar, to outright baffling, he revels in the power of the unexpected and seeks to channel it within both the commercial landscape and the very life he lives. His filmmaking style embraces the surreal with a straight face, shaping ridiculousness with narrative purpose, to communicate and connect with viewers in ways they could not have foreseen. He is exceptionally skilled at reciting the alphabet backwards.

Since 2010, Robjn has specialized in commercials and branded content, for both broadcast and digital. He’s had the pleasure of directing thoughtful cinematic absurdities for a wide range of clients, including Nintendo, Okanagan Spring Brewery, Coleman Coolers, Olympus, K2, and Whistler Blackcomb.