Roxanna Dunlop


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Allegiant Air - 'Don't Fence Me In' (Part 2)

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Abbott - 'Dia-Bunked with Daya Betty'

Abbott - 'Dia-Bunked with Alysse Dalessandro'

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Roxanna Dunlop

Roxanna's style is effortless, radiant, intimate, and performance based. She loves using slightly dramatized lighting to create vivid but grounded cinematic worlds. She has a knack for transitions, using in-camera tricks as well as props & actors to thoughtfully assemble a narrative together without it feeling overly stylized.

From sweeping anthemic spots on airline budgets, to honest vignettes about the life of creators - all of her work shares a deep consideration for the human experience. Raised by thespians, she's passionate about performances, and appreciates working with both actors and non-actors alike, pulling on her personal experiences in front of the camera to create a safe and exploratory on-set environment for all of her collaborators. She currently splits her time between Toronto and Los Angeles.

Roxy has created branded films for worldwide brands like Nike, Abbott Technologies, Allegiant Air and worked with name talent like pop star Katy Perry and Daya Betty of Rupaul's Drag Race fame.