LONDRE Bodywear (Film) Completed

Posted Dec. 8, 2017

BOLDLY is pleased to announce that LONDRE - Audacity has been completed on December 8th, 2017.

Written and directed by Shelby Manton for BOLDLY, this beauty piece was designed to excite the passion for earth-minded fashion. In partnership with LONDRE Bodywear, Manton and her team embarked on a two-day shoot, across multiple secret locations in the heart and surrounding areas of Vancouver, BC. She paired with Cinematographer Jon Thomas to achieve the high-end visual and lifestyle aesthetic of the film.

Principle photography took place in September 2017.

Shelby Manton and crew are proud to announce the successful release of the film on YouTube and online platforms, receiving warm accolades from the brand's followers and the followers of the models on screen.

We look forward to sharing more details about LONDRE in 2018. For now, please check out our Official Project Page.