WDMV Canada Meetup at BOLDLY December 19th

Posted Dec. 17, 2019

BOLDLY will proudly be hosting the first ever Vancouver meetup for WDMV Canada, the Canadian chapter of We Direct Music Videos. WDMV is a grass-roots organization made up of directors in the music video space who are rallying together to make the industry better for creatives. Namely in three areas:

  1. Minimize Free Work
  2. Respect
  3. Transparency

(More information on WDMV: wedirectmusicvideos.com)

The event will be co-hosted by director Emma Higgins who helped organize similar events in Toronto.

Event Details:
Time: 6:30PM - 8:30PM
Address: #2 - 25 E. 6th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V5T 1J3

The format of the event will be a 30 minute mingle, followed by a short presentation on WDMV and its values, followed by a 45 minute breakout discussion with groups focussed on putting to paper their experiences, needs, and goals for the future of the industry. Finally, the event will close with another 30 minutes of mingling and encouraged exchanging of contact info so people can make new connections within the local scene.

The information gathered from the event will be used to spark future discussions with WDMV Canada and WDMV worldwide, helping build a database of knowledge for lobbyists, as well as tools for individual creators to protect them and build a better, more creative music video industry for all.

We look forward to seeing you all there!