BOLDLY picks up three golden sheafs at YFF

Posted May 27, 2023

Vancouver, 06/06/23 – BOLDLY, an award-winning independent production studio, achieved great success at the 76th annual Yorkton Film Festival, North America's longest continuously running film festival. The festival celebrated a week of storytelling and concluded with the prestigious Golden Sheaf Awards gala presentation.

BOLDLY proudly took home three esteemed awards, solidifying their impact as a leader in the industry. The following productions were recognized for their outstanding contributions:

  1. Paco - Winner of the honoured and special Kathleen Shannon Award presented by the National Film Board of Canada. This film's thought-provoking narrative and craftsmanship captivated the audience and garnered well-deserved recognition.

  2. Paco - Winner of the Best Multicultural Award presented by the Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan. This accolade acknowledges the film's exceptional portrayal of cultural diversity and its impact on society.

  3. Send The Rain - Winner of the Best Short Fiction Film Award presented by SMPIA. This film's compelling storytelling and artistic vision resonated with the judges, cementing its place as the best in its category.

The Yorkton Film Festival, established in 1950, holds a prominent position as Canada's first Short Film & Video Festival. Throughout its history, the festival has earned an esteemed reputation as one of the country's top film and video festivals, attracting top tier entries and industry personalities from across Canada.

Reflecting on the success of their productions at the festival, Geoff Manton Producer at BOLDLY expressed their deep appreciation, stating, "It is an honour to see these two BC produced short films represented at such an iconic festival that has a strong legacy of supporting Canadian filmmakers. Helmed by two passionate and talented directors, it was an incredible experience to bring these important stories to life. We are grateful for this recognition and hope that the films we continue to produce will have the lasting impact this festival has had in our country."

As BOLDLY celebrates its triumph at the Yorkton Film Festival, they look forward to continuing their commitment to excellence in filmmaking and making a lasting impact through their exceptional storytelling.

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Geoff Manton
+1-604-785-4867 geoff@boldly.ca

Paco framegrab (left), two Golden Sheafs (right)
Paco framegrab (left), two Golden Sheafs (right)

Kent Donguines (right)
Kent Donguines (right)

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