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BC Milk

Directed by Talbot Twins

Cinematography by Talbot Twins

Pour A Little Happiness

When the BC Dairy Associated needed to refresh their brand and spark the imaginations of the province, they chose to amp it up with fun, creative broadcast spots showcasing how much fun it is to drink milk. Graham Talbot and Nelson Talbot were chosen to direct the spots due to their mix of comedy and VFX expertise. As cinematographers and directors, the pair was a natural fit for the BOLDLY roster.

This campaign saw a large variety of assets captured, including 3x 30-second hero spots that were placed on TV and online, 6x 15-second social media cutdowns for placement on Facebook and Instagram, and 6x 6-second cutdowns to use for shorter brand hits throughout.

One major benefit for this campaign was the lack of dialogue. Surprisingly, this creative choice led to the ability for ALL the assets to be re-versioned for other languages, greatly increasing its effectiveness for diverse audiences.

The Talbot Twins planned their shoot in such a way to be able to capture one-off social media spots that were brand new ideas outside of the original creative plan. Magic moments were captured on set to lead to a great treasure-chest of assets for the brand.

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