Marianas Trench



Tags: Live Action , Music Video

Client: Marianas Trench / 604 Records


Instead of spending huge amounts of money on a music video, Marianas Trench wanted to give back to the community and those they love. So much class in that group! Once again, we were the legs on the ground in Vancouver for our friends at Mad Ruk Entertainment to produce this epic 3-day shoot. This video has over 1.2 million views on YouTube and has received extremely positive comments from fans and new viewers alike. We continue to receive great messages from people who saw or were seen in the video.

Executive Producer

Rey Mendoza


Kristoff Duxbury

Production Manager

Sebastien Galina

Director of Photography

Jon Thomas

Camera Operator

David Copithorne

Camera Operator

Matt Sawatzky


Cedric Yu


Ruby Chang

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