Play 'Oddly Satisfying'

Bench Accounting

Cinematography by Jon Thomas

Tax Time Bookkeeping

People want to focus on their business, they don't want to focus on their bookkeeping, which is why Bench Accounting worked with BOLDLY to create this social campaign to raise awareness of their tax time bookkeeping services. Our goal was to make a series of oddly satisfying videos - cueing in the notion of how oddly satisfying tax time can be when you bookkeep with Bench. Directed by Bill Hawley and produced by BOLDLY.

Our production team created and delivered six different social media ads in oddly satisfying scenarios. They were placed on social platforms to bring customers to the Bench App download page via the App Store.

To double the output of our shoot, we captured both stills and video with two teams running at the same time. Saving money on the day, and creating more wonderful content! The high resolution stills from the project were used in various ways on press releases, social, and on websites for Bench.

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