A-la-carte services to bundle with production.

You have beautiful footage, a brilliant idea, or simply require expert execution. We can help your project through post production including offline editing, sound design, visual effects, colouring, laybacks, online, multiple crop exports, and finishing.

Remote Video Editors

For commercials, dubbing, or re-regioning; our editors and assistant editors will organize dailies, transcoding, remote sessions, onlining and deliver world-class creative solutions from anywhere in the world.

Hire a remote Editor
Editors in Vancouver

Stock Footage Sourcing & Brand Films

On a tighter shoot budget? Why not create amazing cinematic brand films from sourced high quality footage. Our team finds these gems and cooks up anthemic hero films complete with voice over, music and titles. Just hit play.

Get Stock Footage
Stock Footage

Full Sound Design & Mixing

With award-winning mix engineers, you're always safe and sound. From foley to ADR, sound design to broadcast outputs, your projects are sure to stand out and speak up with your story.

Hire a Sound Designer
Sound Design & Mix Studio

Visual Effects Services

You can create your own epic world through 3D simulations, VFX compositing, 2D/3D modelling, animation and more. Why not make your project go the extra mile with digital effects to match your story.

Hire a VFX Artist
Visual Effects Services


Curious if we do animation? We made a whole page about it.

Vancouver Animation Studio
Vancouver Animation Studio

Need something else?

If you need post-production services not listed above, we're listening!

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