FlyOver Canada


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Tags: Live Action , Documentary , Web

Client: FlyOver Canada

Deliverables: 1x 2-minute Video, 30s Cutdown, 15s Cutdown


Evans Hunt chose us to execute this challenging shoot near the port authority of Vancouver for FlyOver Canada. We coordinated 80 new Canadians as they saw their new home from a brand new perspective. Our team created a heartfelt recap video that really makes you appreciate the beauty and freedom we enjoy here in Canada.

We watched new Canadians get excited while entering the FlyOver Canada ride lead-up.
Our team rigged cameras to the ride to capture genuine reactions from the new Canadians.
What we saw was pure joy from everyone who went on the ride.
We interviewed people after the ride. They had tons to say!
Trying the FlyOver Canada ride made these new Canadians want to see much much more of this land.
Geoff Manton and team discussing shot setups.
1st AD Kristoff Duxbury oversees the setup. He looks serious, but he's normally friendly.
Director of Photography Jon Thomas operates on the day for FlyOver Canada.
Families from all over the world have come to Canada. We heard stories from all of them.

Production & Post Production



Kristoff Duxbury


Evans Hunt


Shelby Manton

Director / Producer

Geoff Manton


Sebastien Galina

Co-Director / Cinematographer

Jon Thomas

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