Kinder Bueno


Creative Production Post

Tags: Photography

Client: Kinder Bueno

Deliverables: 40x Retouched Photos


After Ferrero Rocher's Instagram following doubled from content generated partly by Boldly, our friends at Noise Digital wanted to try it again! We took to the streets of Vancouver, photographing talent in Stanley Park and the famous Gastown area. Our Bueno haul included 40 images for three seasons worth of content.

While waiting for a wardrobe change, we jumped into improv mode and snapped this picture that made the final cut!
We were lucky enough to shoot photos inside John Fluevog in Gastown. The Fluevog team could not have been more accommodating and friendly.
Things got a little crazy when we tried to fake Halloween in September. We got some looks, but we also captured some looks, if ya know what I mean.
We took over a coffee shop for the afternoon to sit quietly and read.
We got up bright and early in Stanley Park to shoot some stills at the beach - it was a little chilly.
We scouted a perfect spot in Stanley Park


Noise Digital

1st AD

Kristoff Duxbury

Location Manager

Sara Blake

Hair / Makeup

Ciara Lynch


Geoff Manton

Production Designer

Sophie Jarvis

Wardrobe Stylist

Meghan Paterson


Shelby Manton


Ruby Chang


Jordan Findlay

Production Coordinator

Sebastien Galina


Cedric Yu


Matt Sawatzky

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