The Beast



Tags: Live Action , Commercial , Broadcast , TV

Client: Playland

Deliverables: Production Services for Broadcast


We were tasked with bringing Rethink Canada's vision to life for the new ride at Vancouver's Playland. The Beast is Canada's largest pendulum ride and the script called for making it seem so scary that even the mere sight of it was enough to scream for.

Scaring the pants off of kids and adults alike. Now that's Bold.

During our tech scout, we shuffled around ideas based on the storyboards to find the best angles to shoot at.  We decided on moving the roller coaster cart out onto the tracks for best lighting.
We shot on a beautiful sunny day in early June, getting up at the crack of dawn to move our trucks down to the location.
For the teacups spot, our lighting team rigged up a giant softbox and nested our camera operator inside!
Our team setting up on the roller coaster for the first spot of the day.
Our second spot of the day featured Playland's classic teacup ride.
Recording screams all day really puts a strain on our ears.


Rethink Communications

1st AC

Jeremy Cox

Sound Mixer / Op.

Anton Thomas

Grip, Lamp Op, PA

Charlotte Black

Production PA

Nina Schmidt


Geoff Manton

2nd AD

Matt Sawatzky

Production Designer

Liz Cairns

Key Hair / Makeup

Joyce Tu

Camera Operator

Martin Haas

Stills / BTS

Steven Shepherd

Production Coordinator

Sebastien Galina


David McDonald

Production Designer

Sophie Jarvis

Stylist Assistant

Candice Ho Lem


Amy Miller


Megan McDonald

1st AD

Natasha Wehn

Grip, Lamp Op

Jordan Findlay


Fran Percival


Monty Black

Location Manager

Petra Sevcik


Trevor Grady

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