Mr Mikes


Creative Production Post

Tags: Live Action , VFX , Animation , Illustration

Client: MR MIKES SteakhouseCasual

Deliverables: 1x 60s Video for Web

Project description:

After numerous successful projects with Noise Digital, Boldly was chosen again as the film production company to manage this huge video project. After carefully budgeting to maximize the dollars spent on screen, we opted to create all the static and motion assets for the campaign. Our production team shot on a Vancouver sound stage where we set up green screens and mapped out all the movements of our hero character, WOO-HOO Guy!

And in the end, the challenge was accepted! Jimmy actually drank the Caesar on July 1st, 2016.

1st AD

Kristoff Duxbury

1st AC

Cedric Yu

VFX Producer

Bryn Hewko


Roshni Riar


Geoff Manton

Sound Mixer / Op.

Anton Thomas

VFX Artist

Keith Morgan


Megan McDonald


Shelby Manton

Production Designer

Sophie Jarvis

VFX Supervisor

David McDonald

Key Hair / Makeup

Denean Dale


Sebastien Galina

Sound Designer / Mixer

Oscar Vargas


Trevor Grady

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