PUP - Sleep In The Heat



Tags: Live Action , Music Video

Client: PUP


BOLDLY produced this music video on the ground in Vancouver for our friends at Mad Ruk Entertainment. We were lucky enough to have the rockin' Finn Wolfhard on set with us. You might recognize him from Netflix's Stranger Things series, but did you know that one of his first big breaks was with PUP the band? In fact, this video is a continuation of a series of videos by PUP that feature these kids as the young band. PUP - Sleep In The Heat is nominated for 3 MMVA awards in 2017.

Rolling Stone

#4 Best Music video of 2016

Prism Prize

Nominee for Director Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux


3.6M Views on YouTube

Finn Wolfhard manning the vocals on PUP's video for Sleep In The Heat
Cinematographer Cole Graham intently eying the monitor of his ARRI Alexa rig
Berger the dog who stole the show (and some fries for lunch)
Kai sleeping in the van for one of his more 'rock and roll' scenes
The van we used for this video didn't always start. And no, we didn't actually let the kids drive.
Director Jeremy and Finn reviewing a take



Associate Producer

Geoff Manton


Jordan Findlay

Executive Producer

Mad Ruk

Associate Producer

Shelby Manton


Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux

Production Manager

Sebastien Galina


Kristoff Duxbury


Cole Graham

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