Play 'Flavour Blasted XTreme Cheddar'

Director: David McDonald

Client: Campbell's

Deliverables: 2x 30s Broadcast spots, 2x 60s Cineplex spots

Goldfish Crackers Flavour Blasted

This epic multi-spot, two-day shoot encompassed large indoor locations, practical effects, custom-made props, intensive 3D modelling and physics simulations, and a whole lotta cheese. Boldly's expert teams for post production and art department shone through with their abilities to design, plan, prep and produce these images for Cineplex and TV. We couldn’t be more proud of this one.

This project has been reported by Cineplex with one of the top 5 best ad-recall rates since 2007.

Even four years later, the assets performed so well that they were aired again twice on TV, given several rounds on social platforms, and renewed in the edit with cutdowns for 6-second social media ads. The video was later dissected and turned into a Cineplex TimePlay game that created a groundswell of audience participation.

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