Goldfish Crackers Flavour Blasted


Production Post

Tags: Live Action , Commercial , VFX , TV , Web

Client: Campbells

Deliverables: 2x 30s Broadcast spots, 2x 60s Cineplex spots

Project description:

WOW. One of our biggest productions to date. This epic multi-spot, two-day shoot encompassed large indoor locations, practical effects, custom-made props, intensive 3D modelling and physics simulations, and a whole lotta cheese. Boldly's expert teams for post production and art department shone through with their abilities to design, plan, prep and produce these images for Cineplex and TV. We couldn’t be more proud of this one.


Production Design

We drafted what the epic rocket-hammer and lightning-guitar would look like.


Production & Post Production


Director / Editor

David McDonald

Cinematographer / Camera Op.

Graham Talbot

PM / Post-Production Supervisor

Sebastien Galina

Cinematographer / Camera Op.

Nelson Talbot


Geoff Manton

1st AD

Kristoff Duxbury


Shelby Manton

Production Designer

Sophie Jarvis

Sound Recordist / Sound Design / Sound Mix

Oscar Vargas

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