Random Is My Favourite Colour

Live Action , Documentary , Original


Random Is My Favourite Colour is a LGBTQ Canadian documentary that delves into the life and past of artist Lyle XOX. As Lyle prepares to release his first ever book at Bergdorf-Goodman will he be able to let go of his past to move into a loving future.

The film is directed by Stuart Gillies (Shut Up And Say Something, 2017 and Literally, 2018), and produced by Sebastien Galina and Geoff Manton for BOLDLY.


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The film was aired on July 20th on CBC TV.

Watch the full film at CBC GEM

Lyle XOX photographed by Philippe Vogelenzang
Animation for Lyle XOX Documentary
Lyle XOX as Lyle Reimer walking through Vancouver, BC
Lyle XOX in Japan Subway
Lyle XOX at a photoshoot in Tokyo
Lyle XOX in his hometown of Wymark, Saskatchewan

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Stuart Gillies


Sebastien Galina


Geoff Manton