SGU - Be Unstoppable


Production Post

Tags: Commercial , Live Action

Client: St. George's University

Deliverables: 1x90, 1x30, 4x15

Project description:

One Twenty Three West chose BOLDLY to deliver this demanding hero spot - directed by Andrew De Zen, produced by Shelby Manton and shot from Canada to Grenada, West Indies - this piece saw our crew set up shop in a hospital location in Toronto, followed by a full 15-person company move to the southern island in the Caribbean for four more days of filming. Shot on Panavision C-Series Anamorphic Lenses on Arri Mini and lensed by SESLER Cinematographer Cole Graham.

Production Designer

Sophie Jarvis


Future Perfect

Production Co.



Andrew de Zen


Company 3

Director of Photography

Cole Graham

Sound Design

Defacto Sound

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