Emma Higgins receives MVP Project grant for Begonia

Posted Jan. 29, 2020

On January 23, 2020, Prism Prize announced its Round 3 recipients for the #MVPProject. Among the 11 winners was director Emma Higgins for her application to film for Begonia.

Emma writes of the experience:

MVP support for this project to me means an opportunity to make a meaningful piece of work with a group of artists who I adore and respect. When I first heard “The Other Side” by Begonia it haunted me in the best possible way and I knew I wanted to create a visual that would capture and elevate that feeling. Begonia was not only open to my strange ideas for her song but also incredibly collaborative in the effort to make something unique and push the bounds. Without the funding from MVP, a video like this that is a true collaboration between filmmaker, artist and a team of creatives wouldn’t be possible.

Sebastien Galina, a partner at BOLDLY will be signed on to produce the project. He'll bring his strengths from the post-production perspective to the project, helping drive many of the intricate setups it will take to achieve the aesthetic of the project, which is tightly under wraps until its release date. Sebastien has experience producing music videos for Dear Rouge, Powfu, PUP, Jon Bryant and others.

The project will be shot on a mixture of formats including 16mm Kodak film, Alexa Mini and through the use of specialized macro lenses.

Cinematographer Jeremy W. Cox has signed on to the project and will lead in-camera visuals. His depth of experience with film is a huge asset to the team. After a few location scouts he's remarked on the perfect space that was found for the shoot. Jeremy previously shot 33 Acres - Sunshine with BOLDLY and director Jordan Findlay.

BOLDLY previously received an MVPProject grant for Virtuous Circle - Directed by Farhad Ghaderi