BOLDLY Adds New Creative Power to the Directing Roster

Posted May 10, 2023

Toronto and Los Angeles, May 2023-

BOLDLY adds new creatives to its tight roster - Chrris Lowe (Toronto based Director / Photographer) and Roxanna Dunlop (Toronto-born, LA-based), two creative power-houses with strong voices, changing the commercial game through their values-led approaches to the work.

Chrris, with a background in social work, specializes in branded docs, work with human stories, deeper conversations, centering under-represented voices. Her own, as is evidenced from her podcast, speaks volumes to the power of wellness and self-healing in a tumultuous world.

Roxanna, born to thespians, grew up in the acting world, and infuses her directorial process with a comforting safety-net when working with other actors and non-actors alike. Her anthemic work for Allegiant Air, Adobe, and Katy Perry showcase her work with camera transitions, VFX, and audience engagement.

View Chrris's work here.

View Roxanna's work here.

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