Dark Side of the Moon


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About: We worked closely with director David McDonald to produce Matt Brevner’s “Dark Side of the Moon” from his third solo album, The Bushido Project: a raw mix of the warriors code and sample-based hip hop. Funded in association with Telus and Public Records.

Turning a tiny studio and some office chairs into some outer space verses. Now that's Bold.

30,000+ views

Over 30 thousand views on Matt's channel alone, but another 10k on other YouTube channels

TELUS Optik Grant

TELUS Optik helped fund the video through the Public Records grant; making it possible to shoot


The video was aired on MuchMusic, the director nominated for a Leo award, and covered by blogs

Tom MacDonald floating in space.
Matt Brevner just freeing up a verse on the moon.
Scale models were used to create the landscape and vehicles
Tom MacDonald in one of the leading 'space' roles in the video.
Director David McDonald is also a VFX guru, by comping together all these stellar sequences.


Telus Optik


Matt Brevner

Director / Editor / VFX

David McDonald


Geoff Manton


Shelby Manton


Aaron Mallin


Graham Talbot


Nelson Talbot

1st AC

Jeremy Cox

Production Designer

Sophie Jarvis

Production Designer

Liz Cairns

Set Builder

Ray Garrioch

Set Builder Assistant

Rob Garrioch


Marni-Lyn Fox


Kieran Jarvis

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