Play 'The Legend 27'

Game of War

Directed by David McDonald

Cinematography by Talbot Twins

Game of War

After online success with MindCrack Season 1, our friends at BBTV asked BOLDLY to breathe fire into this short film for online gaming app, Game of War. We turned it into a VFX-heavy piece with a twist. “Campfire Stories ft. TheLegend27” has racked up 167 million views and counting on YouTube.

The result was more than anyone could have anticipated. The project blew up, creating hundreds of memes based on the story and characters. T-shirts, video essays, and even a Know-Your-Meme page were generated organically as a result of the campaign.

20 days from shoot to delivery. Scaling a VFX pipeline to meet industry-high demands on time. Now, that’s Bold.

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