David McDonald

Director / VFX Supervisor

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Best Buy - 'Store Opening'

Curling Canada - 'Come Be A Champion'

Playland - 'The Beast'

Game of War - 'The Legend 27'

Goldfish - 'Flavour Blasted'

DWC - 'Water For Life'

David McDonald

David's commercial style is best described as narrative-driven and effects-heavy. He's passionate about redemption stories, technology stories, building unique worlds, and stories that can be enhanced by the wizardry of VFX. He always finds unique solutions to unique creative challenges.

David has directed commercials for brands such as Campbell’s, Best Buy, Game of War, Budlight, Microsoft, Dunkin Donuts, and Doritos.

As a multi-talented Director coming from a background in Editing and Visual Effects, David's storytelling is compelling, meticulously pieced together, and grounded in a unique universe for each project.

Much Music Video Awards - Jitters - Hip Hop Music Video of the Year - Nomination

Leo Awards - Jitters - Best Music Video - Winner

Doritos Crash The Superbowl / Superbowl XLIX - When Pigs Fly - Winner