Play 'Sunshine'

33 Acres Brewing

Directed by Jordan Findlay

Cinematography by Jeremy Cox

33 Acres of Sunshine

Director Jordan Findlay pictures serenity, opening up the visual world of 33 Acres Brewing Co. with this ad shot on 3-perf 35mm film. Rationalizing the cut, he notes that it reflects the essence of what it feels like to drink 33 Acres on a warm summer evening.

BOLDLY director Jordan Findlay wrote the concept with the brand in mind, collaborating closely with the in-house team at 33 Acres to develop the feeling, and stay in line with the brands needs. One key challenge was that the brand liked to keep its assets anonymized, minimizing the visibility of faces in photos and videos. Our team took on this challenge by showcasing the feeling and nostalgia rather than highlight any specific identifying features of the talent.

We delivered a 30 hero piece as well as a 15-second social ad cutdown for usage on various platforms. Additionally, we produced a studio day of product photography and packaging shots to extend the value of the assets captured.

It was one of the few times since the dawn of the digital revolution more than 10 years ago that a pack shot for a beer product was photographed on 35mm film; an essential aspect of why this piece was so relevant for a tactile brand like 33 Acres Brewing Co.

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