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DU/ER Denim

Directed by Jordan Findlay

Cinematography by Bryn McCashin

DU/ER Denim

With director Jordan Findlay, the brand trusted our collaboration to develop their visual campaign for FW20. Our team pushed the use of 16mm Kodak Film to give the campaign a grittier feel that mixed urban with adventure and work-life/lifestyle aesthetics.

We worked directly with the in-house team at DU/ER to write the scripts and workshop them to suit the business pain points of the brand. Their goal was to broaden the urban viewpoint of the product in order to create some variation in their marketing - which traditionally was very nature-oriented.

By setting the series of films in the city and in nature, the gap could be bridged and adding a slight grittiness of 'real life' by leveraging 16mm film. In the end, we were successful in delivering an urban message through high quality assets, a 30-second hero piece, and 3x 15-second cutdowns for social media placement.

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