lululemon IWD2020

Director: Emma Higgins

Client: lululemon

Deliverables: 4 IGTV Episodes, 4x Teasers, 4x IG Stories

For International Women's Day, lululemon creatives chose director Emma Higgins and cinematographer Kaayla Whachell to lead a passionate crew to putting in the extra sweat for gender equity and gender equality. BOLDLY was proud to support this production, delivering four IGTV episodes for use on the lululemon main channel and mens channel, as well as the cross-talent collaboration channels.

Our team delivered the following content as part of the project:
4x high quality IGTV episodes (individually cropped and formatted for vertical screens)
4x high quality YouTube episodes
4x In-feed teasers
4x IG Story posts

Through motion graphics, our team helped integrate and enhance the visuals and entice viewers to watch more.

Our in-house editorial team delivered on quantity and quality while working on a limited timeframe leading up to March 8, 2020 for International Women's Day.


Multiple formats

To reach more audiences, the lululemon brand team needed vertical formats for this project. We shot with this framing in mind, and were able to build a workflow that cut down on editing time, while delivering the same videos in 16x9 as well as vertical formats.

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